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Is this your room?肯定回答

肯定回答:Yes, it is.

This is my living room. (living room: 客厅) 中文意思: 这是我的客厅. 特殊疑问句: Where is your living room? 你的客厅在哪里.? 肯定回答: My living room is in the place where is behind the front door. 否定回答: This is not my ...

Is this your room,Peter? 彼得,这是你的房间么? 希望对你有帮助~

Is this your living room? 这是你的客厅吗?

楼主 根据你的补充 我修改了 回答 你可以看下 1 This is my boy friend, Tim. He is a police officer. 2 This is not your room. That is ...

This is your music room. The trash bin is near the door .

this room is not available to your region or gender. 这个房间不适用于你的地区或性别。

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